The 10 Places I Would Like To Go! :D

The 10 places I would like to visit and why are:

1)  Greenland~ I would like to go to Greenland because it sounds like a cool place to go I love the name of this place! I would actually like to see if its as green as people say it is. 🙂

2) Chad~ This is one place that I did not even know about, I like the name of this place!  I wonder if its named after someone?? 😀

3) Madagasgar~ I heard of this place in the movie madagasgar, I would like to see if the animals look like they did in the movie!

4)  Bahamas~ I would LOVE to go to here becuase a lot pepole in my school have gone here on vacation and I would LOVE to see what its like! 😀

5) China~  The reason I would like to go here is because I love the chinese chicken balls they are so good! 😀

6) Australia~ I would like to go here because it sounds cool its seperated by all the other countrys and all it is is water all around it!

7) South Africa~ I would like to go here because there are animals that get to run around notmally, on tv I have seen someone riding on elephants to go to place to place!

8) New Zealand~ Here I dont know why I really want to go here but I think it sounds really cool!! 😀

9) Argentina~ I thought the name of this was cool so I would like to go here to see what its like there!

10) Brazil~ I have heard good things about this place and I would like to go here to see what their traditions are like compared to canadas! 😀

Those are the 10 places I would like to go to! 😀 If u live in anyone of those places Please comment I would LOVE to learn/hear more about them!! 😀


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  2. Hello, Laura,

    I think that is a wonderful list you’ve put together. I would like to see some of those places, too, especially New Zealand. It seems like a really cool place to me, but I would not like taking a long airplane ride there, so my preference would be to take a long cruise instead!

    I am a teacher in southern California and I’ll be following you throughout the fall blogging challenge. Keep up the good blogging!

    Ms. Tatiana

  3. Hello Laura,

    My name is Devon Weaver and I currently enrolled in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading about the places that you would love to go. I think it would be fun to travel the world and to see different sites. I would also love to visit the Bahamas because I hear that the water is beautiful. I hope that you get to visit all of these places listed above.

  4. Hi Laura.

    All these countries and continents sound like Great places to go.
    I think that the four top places I want to go to are

    1) Niagra Falls

    2) Paris

    3) Hawaii

    4) Florida

    What places have you been to?

    – Summer

    • Summer, Hi I will visit your blog! I have been to Niagra Falls on a vacation once 😀 I also have a BEST FRIEND named Summer aswell 😀 she says hi 😀


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  6. When you talk about Chad where is that place? I like Greenland position on the map. China I say on a bunch of list. South Africa sounds cool to be. Brail is a big country to be in.

  7. You have alot of places you want to go. I bet you want to be some sort of traveler. I want to go lots of places too. I like chinese food too, but I never heard of chicken balls. I you visit my blog at

  8. Your locations are really cool I like the idea of going to Madagascar, Brazil, Bahamas, and Australia. A lot of the people in my school have gone to Bahamas and I’m so jealous! The weather there looks so pretty and the beaches look awesome! I hope you visit my blog at

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