I have a family of 6 My mom a nurse, Dad fixes computers, My sister, Tania she has 3 kids Andrea, Anthony and Jordan.  then comes my other sister, Rachel  thats 15, Clara, 13. Then last but not least me! 11 turning 12 very soon!  There is some more  that are part of our family our pets! 🙂 there are 7 because one hamster just died named cheeky. There is one more hamster left named Hannah. Dogs, Poohbear, Rosey, Maggie and Yasmin. Then there are cats, Harry and sammy.  The reason why my dad fixes computers is because he grew up loving taking things apart like a radio and he could put it back together. So he fixes computers! My mom is a nurse because she loves it – is a nursing home and she has been the director of the place for awhile now! My sisters don`t have jobs except for little jobs like helping out around corner stores.  I don`t have a job either but I will get a babysitting job soon…. I hope!  Well thats my family I hope you now know more about me and my family! Good bye! 

                                                                    ~LAURA 😀


My digital citizenship means you have to be aware of what information your telling them:  your name ,where you live , how old you are and your birth date.  when you tell them this stuff even though you delete it it is still there it is save in a file far far away! You have to watch what you say on the internet because it is still there! 🙂  My digital citizen ship is that I gave out my email my name and my last name for: Facebook and all acounts that I have signed up for all that information I give to them is save in a file! 😀

My Digital Footprint! :D

My Digital footprint is everywhere or anything I signed up for such as, Facebook , Hotmail, Email, MSN, Webkinz and Moshi Monsters. All these things are digital footprints which means They have Important information like my email my name and last name and any other information they need. When you have that Information given to them it`s called a digital footprint then it is saved somewhere far away  in files so anything you have signed up for. Anything you search on the Internet or anything you say no matter if u delete it or not it will still be saved in a big file far away!  That’s why you want to watch what you say on the Internet cause if you delete it, it`s still there in a file. 🙂  This is my Digital Footprint I hope you now understand what it is! 😀  Also did you know you could google yourself? 😀


The 10 Places I Would Like To Go! :D

The 10 places I would like to visit and why are:

1)  Greenland~ I would like to go to Greenland because it sounds like a cool place to go I love the name of this place! I would actually like to see if its as green as people say it is. 🙂

2) Chad~ This is one place that I did not even know about, I like the name of this place!  I wonder if its named after someone?? 😀

3) Madagasgar~ I heard of this place in the movie madagasgar, I would like to see if the animals look like they did in the movie!

4)  Bahamas~ I would LOVE to go to here becuase a lot pepole in my school have gone here on vacation and I would LOVE to see what its like! 😀

5) China~  The reason I would like to go here is because I love the chinese chicken balls they are so good! 😀

6) Australia~ I would like to go here because it sounds cool its seperated by all the other countrys and all it is is water all around it!

7) South Africa~ I would like to go here because there are animals that get to run around notmally, on tv I have seen someone riding on elephants to go to place to place!

8) New Zealand~ Here I dont know why I really want to go here but I think it sounds really cool!! 😀

9) Argentina~ I thought the name of this was cool so I would like to go here to see what its like there!

10) Brazil~ I have heard good things about this place and I would like to go here to see what their traditions are like compared to canadas! 😀

Those are the 10 places I would like to go to! 😀 If u live in anyone of those places Please comment I would LOVE to learn/hear more about them!! 😀


About Me!

Hello, my name is Laura, I live in canada and I`m 11 years old, I have four dogs 2 cats and 2 hamsters  their names are Dogs: Poohbear, Rosie, Magie and Yasmin. Cats: Harry and Sammy. Hamsters: Cheeky and Hannah. The hamsters are my sisters hamsters but their still our pets. In my family I have 3 sisters and NO brothers and my mom and dad, their names are Sisters: Tania, The oldest. Rachel, the second oldest. Clara, third oldest.  Me, the youngest! My parents names are Lisa and David. More about me is that I have a little bit longer than shoulder length hair, I have green eyes, my favourite colour is purple and I LOVE to talk!  This is my about me blog I hope you know more about me!

Minnie Mouse! :D

My all time Favourite  cartoon is Minnie mouse! My reasons why I love Minnie mouse is…. One she is so adorable and so cute she reminds me of me, except I dont really look like her but the way she acts! Two I always loved her when I was younger! Three I loved watching her on t.v when I was younger! Four she is small like me! Theese are my reasons why I love Minnie mouse!

Who is your favourite cartoon character?
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